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Custom creations by Seashells Designs. Click on the pic to get a bigger view
8 shaft loom

8 shaft loom

Twizzle hat 3

Twizzle hat pattern available

Cable bobble hat

Cable bobble hat pattern available

Blue scarf on 8 shaft

A scarf gift

Alpaca in peru

Alpaca Peru

Brown stripe alpaca and cotton shawl.jpg

Alpaca and cotton wrap

Craig rhos-y-felin scarf wrapped

Alpaca check scarf

Banana shawl.jpg

Banana shawl

Poppit shawl draped

Beach shawl

Pattern bobble hat beanies.jpg


Cwtch blankets.jpg


Blue lagoon scarf.jpg

Blue lagoon wrap


Cardigan and cushions

bespoke chunky bobble hat.jpg

Chunky bobble hat

Cotton bobble bathmat on bath

Chunky cotton bathmat

Chunky waffle throw pattern

Chunky waffle stitch throw

Coral reef shawl 2

Coral reef wrap

toddler coat

Crochet jacket for a toddler

Tenby harbour triangle scarf.JPG

Crochet net scarf

Sirdar Cuddly bobble hat

Cuddly bobble hat

Phoebe Jones

Cute animal hat

Porthcawl scarf wrapped.jpg

Deep pink scarf

Caernarfon scarf draped

Dogtooth scarf

Drifter shawl.jpg

Drifter shawl

Green Dress

Green toddler dress

bespoke greenhill tenby scarf.jpg

Greenhill school colours scarf

Milford sound cushion on chair

Jacob cushion

Bolero and accessories

Kids stuff

Table runner on loom.jpg

Krogbragd sampler

Cambrian scarf

Lavendar mountain scarf

Jacket and hairband

Little girls outfit


Merino sheep

Mint Dress

Mint toddler dress

Soux colours shawl.jpg

Moroccan market shawl

PJ outfit2017-11-09 at 10.21.52

Outfit for toddlers

Blorenge Scarf

Pima cotton scarf

Throw and cushion handwoven

Pure wool throw and cushion

Loom picture2.jpg

Rigid heddle

Barafundle scarf drape

Sea blue beachwashed scarf

Gower shawl

Sea blue wrap

Daffodil pattern

Seashell stitch throw

Silk beige scarf.jpg

Silk scarf

Stripey merino scarf 2

Stripe merino scarf

Stripe alpaca scarf.JPG

Stripey alpaca scarf

Soumak table runner.jpg

Table runner

Teal infinity scarf.jpg

Teal cowl

Harbour houses woven blanket

Tenby harbour houses throw

Tenby harbour nets

Tenby harbour nets

Turquoise squares rug on wood floor.jpg

Turquoise rug

Stripe turquoise rug 2

Turquoise stripe rug

Morocco throw gift

Woven crochet gift throw

Wrist warmers.jpg

Wrist warmers